Private Equity

More About Private Equity?

We are a value-oriented private equity investor that seeks returns primarily through improved business operations. We have a long-term investment horizon with a portfolio that includes companies in a broad range of industries around the world.

Our integrated business model allows our team to seek investment opportunities where it can leverage the full breadth of its financial and operational expertise. By bringing together the management experience of our operations management affiliate, Olivebee, with the firm’s capital flexibility, we are uniquely positioned to deliver optimal, long-term solutions. Our exclusive investment approach and highly regarded turnaround capabilities have helped companies fix ailing balance sheets, address competitive and economic challenges and focus on implementing effective, value-driven business plans.

Leveraging on our expertise and relationships, we partner and invest with a number of institutional investors, private equity and venture capital firms as well as high net worth individuals to create sustainable returns. We also assist institutional investors and large enterprises in structuring and managing a focused venture capital arm. Together, we help to define an investment mandate, customize deal flow and formulate strategies in line with their preferences and objectives.

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