Venture Capital


More About Venture Capital?

Olivebee seeks to actively participate and work closely with entrepreneurs and adding business, management and technology entrepreneurial values where needed to accelerate the business development and growth of its clients and portfolio companies.

Olivebee typically uses the
following benchmark criteria
used to appraise a project:

  • Good and experienced management with a strong passion and commitment to the business vision/mission, credible track record and good integrity
  • Products/Services in demand or that are innovative and/or inventive – a distinct market opportunity
  • Market scale & business scalability that is regional
  • Sound go-to-market strategy and execution plan
  • Good business model and value proposition
  • High growth companies in fast growing markets
  • Clear exit options and avenues
  • Synergy with portfolio companies or clients will be an advantage

how are we different?

The uniqueness of Olivebee lies in its “hands-on” investment partnership approach and that it is able to provide a straight through financing and funding and corporate advisory services whether through its own capital or deal syndication.

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